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Cultural Tours in Buhoma Sector Uganda: Batwa Trail

The cultural tours in Buhoma Uganda largely take you through a cultural/community walk around Buhoma area of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Buhoma gorilla region is amazingly one remarkable area worthy exploring not only for mountain gorilla trekking but also for thrilling African cultural experiences. On Buhoma cultural tours, holidaymakers engage in a close interaction with local residents.

Cultural Tours in Buhoma Sector

Cultural tours in Buhoma Uganda take approximately 3 hours and involves navigating through local communities to explore and experience the distinct traditions, cultures, lifestyles. Visitor interaction in Buhoma community safaris also includes entertainment from local residents’ dances and music performances or engage in some activities in the community.

Typical cultural tours in Buhoma Uganda begin from Buhoma community with lead of an experienced local guide. He or she is very familiar with the area and activities carried out in their local communities. Your experiences will include a stop visit at the craft shop to purchase some of the handmade items including jewelry, candles.

Cultural tours in Buhoma also usher you into a trail along River Munyaga where you will come across women as they do wash or explore the vast banana plantations where thereafter, you get to witness how the local juice and brew is made or have a taste of it. Visitor cultural safaris in Buhoma also include exploring the scenic waterfalls and the traditional healer. While at the traditional healer’s area, you get to learn the various local plants he uses that are of medicinal importance.

Another remarkable cultural tour experience you shouldn’t miss while in Buhoma is visiting the Batwa community. The Batwa pygmies are the original dwellers of the forest although they were evicted when Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park were established. They spent all 500,000 years as hunters and gatherers then left without any negative effect. The Batwa co-existed for this while and during the Batwa experience, you get to understand their unique lifestyles, ancient techniques used for hunting and gathering and most significantly, don’t miss that moment when they will sing and dance.

Cultural tours in Buhoma Uganda can be conducted twice a day in the morning/afternoon. The afternoon/evening session is possible after visitors have engaged in gorilla trekking in Buhoma sector. Interestingly, the funds earned from cultural tours in Buhoma community are used in enhancing the livelihoods of the local residents through different local initiatives. By purchasing some of the local residents’ handmade items, you would have supported the Buhoma community greatly.

Embarking on cultural tours in Buhoma Uganda is amazing and essentially, holidaymakers can also incorporate other activities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Within Buhoma sector of Bwindi alone, there exist many other exciting activities visitors can add onto their cultural experiences. These include bird watching, cycling/biking (this is local community initiative best known as Ride 4 a woman and it is run by Buhoma Community Rest Camp), gorilla trekking in any of Buhoma’s 4 habituated families (including Mubare, Rushegura, Katwe and Habinyanja gorilla group families), nature walks/hiking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cultural Tours in Buhoma Sector

When is the best time to book a cultural tour to Buhoma sector?

Thed best time to book a cultural tour to Buhoma sector is during the dry seasons (June to September and December to February). This is because the roads in Buhoma are in better conditions in dry season and easy to use unlike in wet seasons when they are muddy and slipperly. Also the Batwa pygmies people are easy to see in dry seasons unlike in rainy seasons when they keep in gardens digging.

How much does a cultural tour to Buhoma sector cost?

The cost of a cultural tour to Buhoma sector depends on the number of days one is to spend on safari, the lodging types and more. For starters, budget around $1500 per person for a cultural experience in Buhoma sector of Uganda.



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