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Buhoma Sector Gorilla Trekking Tips: Buhoma Uganda Travel Guide

Get to know about Buhoma sector gorilla trekking tips on this website. We have researched and come up with the best guide to mountain gorilla tracking in the thick forest of Bwindi national park in Buhoma region.

With only 1063 mountain gorillas left on the planet earth, a chance to view them in the jungles is of no doubt an ultimate bucket-list experience for holidaymakers. The rare mountain gorillas live only in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo and thanks to Dian Fossey’s famous 1988 film ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ for the remarkable narrative about their plight. Today, they still remain the most endangered species due to continued poaching, habitat loss, spread of human infectious diseases. As you plan for your Buhoma sector gorilla trekking safari holiday, here are some remarkable tips to guide you.

Buhoma Sector Gorilla Trekking Tips

Buhoma sector gorilla trekking tips

Acquiring a gorilla permit before you arrive is a must

When planning for your Buhoma sector gorilla trekking safari, a gorilla permit is one significant document you shouldn’t forget. Your gorilla permit for Buhoma must be acquired before the actual date of gorilla trek about 2-6 months. The rates of gorilla permit for Buhoma sector vary depending on category of visitors; foreign non-residents pay $700, foreign residents $600 and East Africa Community citizens shs. 250,000.

Be ready for any weather

The weather in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park varies from hot and humid or chilly and rainy. To ensure that you are prepared for your gorilla safari, don’t leave behind a sweater, rain jacket and waterproof hiking boots. Other essentials to carry include insect repellents, daypack-waterproof for your documents, sun glasses, sunscreen, first aid kit.

Carry some food and bottled water

Trekking to view mountain gorillas in Buhoma sector Bwindi needs some physical wellness and the best way to ensure you keep fit is to have some bottled drinking water and packed food. A long gorilla trek can take you at least 2 to 6 hours but generally, it is unpredictable experience and that is why you must get there well-prepared.

Train to keep fit

Tracking mountain gorillas in Buhoma region of Bwindi or any gorilla destination involves hiking through high elevation. It is an experience that requires you to be fit enough and the best way to ensure that is to take advantage of the terrain back home or travel early and begin your training in hilly areas in Uganda before you get to Buhoma for actual gorilla trekking adventure.

Travel during dry season

Gorilla trekking in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is not limited to any season. It is an adventure that is open to safari-goers at anytime of the year but it is most enjoyable during the dry season when there is little or no rain. Drier months in Buhoma sector begin from June to September and from mid-December to early February.

Respect gorillas/observe the gorilla rules/etiquette

Before any actual gorilla trek to see mountain gorillas begins, visitors are briefed on the set gorilla trekking rules and regulations. Among the rules to expect to observe include respecting the distance of 8-10m from gorillas, no use of flashlight camera, don’t go to trek gorillas when you are ill, cover your mouth when coughing and nose if in need to sneeze, sanitize/wash your hands, do not leave the habitat dirty but cleaner than you found it.



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